Local Surf

Local Surf

Nicaragua is an excellent destination for surfing. The area has a large variety of waves with different reef and beach breaks. Many beaches along the South Pacific Coast have been recognized for their quality of waves. Popoyo is the best known surfing destination in Nicaragua with waves that entice experienced and novice surfers alike. Many pros have been known to travel to Popoyo to enjoy the perfect waves and beautiful culture.

Geographically Nicaragua is located in a special position that makes it unique for surfing. Big swells from the south and year round off shore winds created by the Lake of Nicaragua combine to form ideal conditions for surfing.

There are 2 seasons in Nicaragua: winter and summer.

The winter is from May through October and is considered the rainy season. During this time of year the Popoyo area gets very large swells which makes it a great time of year to plan your surfing trip.

The summer is from November through April and is the dry season. During these months the area gets continual offshore winds.

The best surf spots in Popoyo are listed below from North to South.

  • Veracruz
  • Astillero
  • Popoyo
  • Santana
  • Rosada
  • Colorado
  • Manzanillo